General Purpose Rectifier
Fast Recovery Rectifier
Super Fast Recovery Rectifier
Ultra fastrecovery Rectifier
Schottky Barrier Rectifire
Bridge Rectifier
Zener Diode
Surface mount Rectifier
Small Signal Diode
Automobile Rectifier
Diode module and thyristor
Neon lamp
General Purpose Rectifier Fast Recovery Rectifier Super Fast Recovery Rectifier Ultra fastrecovery Rectifier Schottky Barrier Rectifire Bridge Rectifier Zener Diode TVS Surface mount Rectifier Small Signal Diode Transistor Automobile Rectifier Appendix Diode module and thyristor Neon lamp 

Choose from over 2,000 rectifiers and diodes

You can source all the rectifiers you need in one place.We manufacture a complete range including single-phase bridge rectifiers from 0.5A to50Aand three-phase bridge rectifiers from 10A to 100A.Our R&D team also welcomes your OEM/ODM projects.

Our annual capacity is 200 million bridge rectifiers,500 million transistors and 1.2 billion diodes.This means we can offer you prices that are 5 percent to 10 percent less than our competitors.Your samples will be ready in as three days,and delivery takes 10 days.E-mail us today.

Our products include:

Bridge and automobile rectifiers
1A-10A general purpose diodes
Fast-recovery diodes
Super-fast diodes
Ultra-fast recovery diodes
Schottky diodes
Zener/small signal switching diode/DIACs
Transient voltage suppressors(TVS/SMD)
Surface mount diodes(SMA,SMB,SMC)
TO-92/TO-126/TO-220/SOT-23 transistors

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