General Purpose Rectifier
Fast Recovery Rectifier
Super Fast Recovery Rectifier
Ultra fastrecovery Rectifier
Schottky Barrier Rectifire
Bridge Rectifier
Zener Diode
Surface mount Rectifier
Small Signal Diode
Automobile Rectifier
Diode module and thyristor
Neon lamp

    Yang Zhou ARK Component Imp & Exp, Co, Ltd is professional in diode,bridge rectifiers transistor, thyristor and other electronic components. We have cooperated with more than 30 factories which have passed  ISO9001, UL AND SGS Certificate for nearly 10 years, We have sold the products to over 30 countries. 10 years sales experience and history have help us obtained good credit standing around worldwide. 
Our advantage are:
Mass cooperated manufacturers
Wide ranges of products
Reliable quality with competitive price
Accurate quotation 
Prompt delivery time
perfect service
We appreciate the trust and support of old friends and we look forward to cooperate with more new friends.
          Our products include: 
      Bridge and automobile rectifiers 
      1A-10A general purpose diodes
      Fast-recovery diodes 
      Super-fast diodes 
      Ultra-fast recovery diodes 
      Schottky diodes  
      high voltage diode
      diode module and thyristor
      automotive diode
      Zener/small signal switching diode/DIACs 
      Transient voltage suppressors(TVS/SMD) 
      Surface mount diodes(SMA,SMB,SMC) 
      TO-92/TO-126/TO-220/SOT-23 transistors  

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